Quick PPP Loan Analysis

Data about the recent PPP loans was released today. We downloaded it and took a quick look at it. While the company names were only provided for companies who received greater than $150k, that was still 661,218 small businesses.

A couple notable points. California by far received the most loans at 87,689. Texas, New York, Florida coming up next, in that order. Most of the loans were granted in April, but it looks like they’re still being approved. There are many more business types than I realized! I didn’t realize all of them had employees, do trusts employ people?

4820 businesses received between 5 and 10 million! That’s a big number for a “small” business. The top three lenders were JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Truist Bank d/b/a Branch Banking & Trust Co (which I’ve never heard of, but was BB&T which I have heard of). I’m sure there is lots more analysis that can be done with this data set, but I just wanted to provide a little taste.

To get to analyzing quickly. We imported the csv into MongoDB and then connected that to MetaBase. What a nice workflow! Thanks to those two products for making it so painless to explore new data sets.

Download the original data here.