Deepdive Research


MCAP Solutions came to us with several needs. They had developed a platform for searching through earnings calls. The results of the search were then able to be curated to create a custom document over time and across search terms. The problem was they didn’t have the most important source of information available, SEC filings. They came to us needing a way to download filings, parse them into sentences and then provide them to the search database. Along with this they wanted help with branding and UI design and implementation.


WalkerTek wrote a back end system to pull SEC filings, parse them into sentences and insert them into the database. Sounds so simple in a single sentence, but as you know from your own experience, there are a multitude of details. SEC filings are provided as HTML documents. HTML is a subset of SGML and isn’t always well structured. In addition to this, the HTML across companies was in different formats depending on the vendor they used to submit their filings.

Our solution was to use a javascript DOM parser to tease out the structure of the documents. Thus proving us with structured text that could then be broken down into the required sentences and tables for inclusion in the database.

Simultaneously, we worked with MCAP and The James Group to re-brand the company as DeepDive Research. A new front end site was developed and the brand was implemented. Along with this we developed a UI for the back end to streamline the look and feel of the company and product.

In addition, we developed a prototype of the site that was a more scale-able version using Elastic and a javascript UI connected via an API to the search engine. The prototype outperformed the existing system and allowed for online processing of documents.


We continue to work with DeepDive Research, consulting on everything from business operations, technology, infrastructure and development. DeepDive Research has recently entered agreements to provide its services to a large third party company. We are excited to see what the future brings for DeepDive Research!

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