Opengear came to us with a complex website with a large number of SKUs that were difficult for visitors to find and for the company to manage. WalkerTek audited the website and worked with the client to reorganize the website and create a product selector tool. This tool is easy to manage and allows customers to find the specific product they need in seconds.

The website is built in WordPress using a custom theme which allows for easy administration.

Specific results include:

  • Vastly improved product selector
  • Integration of multi-lingual (I18n) support
  • Creative design and architectural update
  • Improved content hierarchy management
  • Simplified back-end product managment

Watch the video to see how Brian felt about the process and improvements to


Opengear Website Redesign - Homepage
Opengear Website Redesign - Product Selector
Opengear Website Redesign - Product Hero
Opengear Mobile Product Details
Opengear Mobile Lighthouse Page
Opengear Mobile Product Selector Results