For over 20 years clients have trusted WalkerTek to create systems for their businesses. Our application development process works because it takes your specific needs into account.

We start by listening to what you’re looking to produce. From there we analyze it and look at it from many different angles. From your customers point of view, from your users point of view, from your businesses point of view. This analytical phase is critical to designing an application that fits your businesses requirements.

Once we have a solid plan in place. We develop the appropriate architecture and choose the right tools for the job. We have done many different projects with lots of different requirements.



During development, we have regular reviews with our clients on our development and staging systems. This allows feedback and changes in an ongoing, iterative manner. Ensuring that the application that is delivered is not the static application designed in the beginning, but rather an evolved architecture based on your dynamic business.

We move into production and fully support your application through all its life cycles. We monitor the application for errors, abuse and capacity and can adjust accordingly.

The process ensures a successful outcome and a long working relationship. We believe in providing ongoing value to our clients, so they can be sure to do so for their clients.



Some of our recent projects have included the following technologies:

  • Kafka – powerful event streaming
  • Onyx – data driven online stream analytics
  • Elastic – comprehensive search, monitoring and dashboards
  • Clojure – Functional programming and immutable data structures
  • Clojurescript – Functional single page apps with React, reagent and re-frame
  • Python – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data science and Analytics
  • Redis
  • Mongodb
  • Javascript
  • AWS

With 20+ years of development expertise, we can get your job done, on time and on budget. Talk to us about your project today!