Custom web design & digital marketing solutions for mid-sizedTypically 10-100 employees
$5-100 million in revenue or
divisions of larger companies.

Drug Development and Delivery is an online publication that came to us to optimize and improve thier website.

Drug Development and Delivery is an online publication that came to us to optimize and improve thier website.

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WalkerTek wrote a back end system to pull SEC filings, parse them into sentences, and insert them into a database. We utilized a javascript DOM parser to tease out the structure of the documents providing us with structured text that could then be broken down into the required sentences and tables for inclusion in the database.

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Deep Dive Research
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Display, social and search campaigns were developed and managed to launch a new product. Ads generated significant sample requests and overall awarness and helped to exceed sales goals by over 33%.

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Developing websites, applications, and digital marketing programs for mid-sized companies requires a specific capabilities that we have developed over the past 23+ years. Some of the challenges that mid-sized businesses face include:

  • Limited Budgets – Companies are often in the position where they can’t afford the “enterprise” software that larger organizations can afford. As such, we often develop custom applications that provide the specific functions required.
  • Integrations – Mid-sized companies often have multiple systems that need to be integrated into thier website or applications. This can include CRM systems, marketing automation systems, billing systems, and just about any other business system.
  • Unique Markets – We often work with companies in niche industries. It could be a B2B manufacturer or a specialty product line within a larger organization. By understanding the markets and customers, we are able to develop programs that are extremely effective for these companies.
  • Limited Staff – We often work with businesses where the marketing director is also the sales director. Or the owner is our key point of contact. We understand the importance of having clear, open communication with our clients and keeping them informed every step of the way.
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Our website is easier to use and faster than ever before!

- Drug Development and Delivery

I wouldn’t trust my clients with anyone else.

- Agency Partner

These guys built something in 6 months that I had been trying to outsource for 3 years!

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