Mobile Traffic: 3 Questions Business Owners Need to Ask

For most websites, the number of visitors using mobile devices — smart phones, iPads and similar gadgets — is on the rise. That makes it truly important that you take your mobile visitors into account when planning any changes to your website. Doing otherwise is simply a fast way to miss out on sales.

There are three key questions that you need to ask in order to make sure that you’re presenting the best experience to anyone visiting your site from a mobile device.

  1. Is your site responsive? A responsive website will reformat for mobile devices, ideally making the site more usable on phones and tablets. If you’ve built your website in the past 5 years or so, it probably is, but a lot of older B2B websites that we encounter are not mobile friendly.
  2. What do mobile visitors need to do on your site? If someone is accessing your website through their phone, odds are good that they’re not trying to read every page on your site. So creating a mobile version that emphasizes those tasks that a visitor actually needs to complete makes sense. Maybe they need to place an order quickly or confirm a price. Making it particularly easy to perform such tasks will win over customers who rely on their mobile devices.
  3. How are you marketing to your customers? If you’re doing email marketing, a lot of emails are opened on mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your website and/or landing pages are mobile friendly. This will help increase conversion rates and improve the overall user experience.

With a growing percentage of all online traffic coming from mobile devices, you don’t have any option but to make sure that visitors to your site can read what you have to offer. They have to be able to interact with your site whether they’re on an iPad, on the phone or anywhere else.

When you consider that it’s even more likely that a business owner or manager is likely to be out and about when they need information online, it’s especially important for B2B companies to make sure that their websites are ready for mobile users.