Web Application Development

Have an idea that you need implemented?  Have an existing product that you need to convert into a web application?  WalkerTek can help.  We've been building web applications for over 15 years.  We have extensive experience developing high end web applications and software as a service (SAAS) applications. We work with large companies like Prudential Financial and Sarnoff Corporation, as well as smaller startups like GlobalFolders.com and HR Best Practices.

Our Process
At WalkerTek we use an iterative Agile development processes to ensure usability, flexibility and robust architectures.  This includes doing Test Driven Development to ensure the application meets our customers requirements.

Our Work
While much of our work is company specific, our most recent application is a SaaS app. Contact us to schedule a review of other applications that we have developed.

Our Technologies
We've been using Ruby on Rails for application development since 2007.  We take advantage of the latest advances in web application development, including the latest Javascript frameworks.  With these technologies we can quickly build high quality, scalable web applications to fit your needs. We use cloud computing to ensure the reliability and scalability of your application.

How We Work
Each month we will evaluate the priorities for the coming month and will focus on those for that months work. This allows business rules to change and keeps the process flexible enough to accommodate those changes.

  1. We determine the number of hours required per month for your project.
  2. We bill for those hours at $150 per hour.
  3. We require a month in advance based on the required hours.

If at any point you are not satisfied we will refund the remaining hours of the month that have not yet been used.

Have questions or want to get started?  Contact Us Today!

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