WalkerTek Featured in The Wall Street Journal Article

WalkerTek was recently featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal... here is an excerpt...

The Office Brawl? Dealing with Feuding Employees
Article from The Wall Street Journal
May 6, 2010, 11:15 A.M. ET

Last year, a shouting match erupted between two employees at WalkerTek Interactive Marketing Inc. in Fairfield, N.J. Today, neither one works at the small Web-development company.

Co-owner Mike Walker says the fracas was the culmination of six months of bickering among the staffers despite attempts he and his business partner made to resolve things. In the end, one was fired and the other quit. "By trying to keep both of them happy, we ended up losing both," he says.

Playing referee among feuding employees is no easy task for small-business owners. Unlike their large-company counterparts, entrepreneurs typically don't have the option of separating quarrelsome workers by relocating one to another office or department.

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