WalkerTek is going to RailsConf!

We have been programming web sites and web applications for a long time. We have used almost every language to develop sites and we feel that Ruby and Rails is a wonderful combination for web application development. With several applications under our belt in Rails we've decided to attend RailsConf 2010 to keep up with the latest developments in the community and ensure we can provide the best application development available.

When we first started developing web applications we used Perl. Perl is a great language that is very flexible. The issues we always ran into with Perl applications is consistency in style. This makes jumping into an already developed application more time consuming. Perl also lacks object oriented programming at its core, so sometimes you end up in a functional style, sometimes in an object oriented style. It was the best choice 10 - 12 years ago, but I don't feel it is any longer.

We've used .NET for occasional projects. While it is a decent platform, most of the projects that we've taken over have been terribly programmed and that is never fun. We also tend to prefer open source languages so that we can look into and patch any issues we run into. We use PHP for a lot of projects because some of the best content management systems are in PHP.

If a project is going to require significant programming we will develop it in Rails. Some of the advantages we see in Rails include development consistency, a great programming language and community, speed of development, ability to focus on unique functionality instead of boiler plate code and it is a joy to develop in. If the project is going to be a standard content management based site we will use PHP and one of the outstanding content management systems available.

We're really looking forward to a great conference, learning a lot and meeting great people. If you see us, say hi! If you have an application you would like developed let us know, we love to discuss it with you.

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