Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationYou may have seen articles or blog posts saying that Search Engine Optimization is dead. The fact of the matter is that it is more important than ever. It's just that the factors that go into SEO have changed, and any reputable SEO company will stay on top of those changes.

Search engine optimization requires ongoing effort and can include the following:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Review of Site Traffic Reports
  • Cross-link reviews
  • Development of Keyword Recommendations
  • Page by Page Optimization Suggestions
  • Implementation of Suggestions
  • Search engine submission
  • Ongoing Optimization
    • Re-assessing competition
    • Setting up cross-links
    • Generating content
    • Publicizing content (via social media and other media)
    • Progress reports

Competitive Analysis
We do a thorough review of your competition and how they are ranked for specific keywords on the major search engines, including: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Site Traffic Analysis
We use your current site traffic reports to see how well your site is doing traffic-wise and to find out what words people are currently using to find your Web site. These reports will help us make our recommendations for the keywords which we should target for your site.

Cross-link Review
This process involves searching through the various search engines to find out what sites link to your site. Search engines like Google use the number of links to your site to weight the popularity of your site thereby increasing your rank with the number of sites that link to you.

Development of Keyword Recommendations
Based on our research and discussions with you, we will develop a list of recommended keywords that we feel will make the greatest impact on your search engine rankings. We have found that is it usually best to focus on a few important and unique words rather then several general terms.

Page by Page Optimization Suggestions
Based on the keyword development and client approval of the words selected, we will then develop page-by-page recommendations for each of the major sections of the Web site. This will include changes to Meta tags, page copy and in some instances HTML code.

Implementation of Suggestions
The client has the option to have us implement the optimization suggestions or to have their Web development staff manage the changes.

Search Engine Submission
Once the updates to the pages have been made, we will submit the site to the major search engines, ensuring that the descriptions provided are accurate and appropriately worded.

Ongoing Optimization
Ongoing optimization includes keeping abreast of the competition, searching for partner sites to setup cross-links, and quarterly progress reports which will specify if changes should be made to the Web site to help improve search engine performance.

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