Pay-Per-Click Management

Our Pay-Per-Click management service will manage your pay-per-click account to ensure that the account produces consistent reliable results. The campaign will be continuously monitored and tweaked to help provide the best ROI.

Our search engine advertising process involves the following steps which allow us to ensure optimal performance of your keyword campaign.

Development of Keyword Recommendations
Based on our research and discussions with you, we will develop a list of recommended keywords that we feel will have the greatest impact on your keyword campaign. As opposed to search engine optimization, we have found that is it usually best to use several terms rather then a few specific terms.

Analysis of Audience and Geographical Boundaries
Some sites will allow us to target specific geographic areas programmatically by determining the ip address of the visitor. This means that we can select the geographical area for the audience we want to target down to the State level (NY and NJ are combined).

Other sites require that the search terms contain a geographic identifier, such as a State abbreviation. Depending on the budgets and desired audience, we will create the keywords accordingly.

Pay-Per-Click MangementDevelopment of Ads/Links
Search engine advertising allows us to customize ads based on keywords. We will create the necessary ads to work with your campaign. For example, instead of displaying an ad for “New Shoes” when someone searches for “Nike”, we could display an ad for “Nike Running Shoes”. These ads will attract more attention and provide a better click-through ratio.

Development of Landing Pages
In addition to determining the proper terms to utilize for a campaign, it often helps your overall positioning if the page you are linking to is targeted to the phrase in your campaign. We can create specific landing pages for the top terms in your campaign to help ensure that your ads are being placed as efficiently as possible.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance
Due to the popularity of keyword advertising, it is important to continually monitor and maintain your campaign while it is running. WalkerTek provides this service as a percentage of your overall monthly budget.

Ongoing monitoring allows us to keep on top of the position of your ads and we will continually modify ads and prices per click based on performance. This will help to ensure that your keyword campaign performs as effectively as possible.

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