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NJ House and Home

NJ House and Home

Professionally Managed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Outperforms "In-house" Campaign.

NJ House and Home

Challenge hired WalkerTek to refine and manage their Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google. The market for home improvement is very competitive and they wanted to get better results to drive more people to their Web site.


WalkerTek reviewed the account, performed some proprietary research on terms and overall effectives, tweaked ad copy and updated the geo-targetting to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.



In the first month of the campaign, WalkerTek generated 4,400 visitors to the Web site, while the client's in-house campaign - with the same budget - had generated a maximum of 2,800 visitors. This represents a performance increase of 63% and more importantly meant more visitors to the client's Web site.

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